Home Inspection Tips to Consider when Selling a Home

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More often than not, home sellers find it a dreadful task to have the home they are selling, inspected to go to the next step of the home selling and purchase. There may be chances when the buyer may not request for a home inspection, but such chances are small. If you are a home seller and it is your first time, you should always be ready for a home inspection with or without a request from the buyer. As the seller, the very first thing you must do is offer your prospective buyers a comprehensive list of any common defect with your home. You can include this in the home listing sheet the realtor will ask you to fill out before the property you are selling hits the market. If you don’t know how to go about the must-do things, don’t worry. Acadiana Home Inspectors are here to give you some home inspection tips to move forward and close the deal.

home inspection tips for seller

Effective home inspection tips

As mentioned, don’t be so confident that just because your home is in excellent condition, it does not need any inspection anymore. Or, if your buyer does not ask for the home checking, it means you don’t need it anymore. It is important to know that the primary objective of having a home inspection is for you and your buyer to document the general condition of the home during the home inspection itself. Here are some home inspection tips for sellers you may consider:

  1. During the inspection, ensure the safety of all animals inside the property.
  2. Check and be sure that all utilities inside the property are on.
  3. Remove all locks attached to the outside gates that may prevent or block the full access to the home’s exterior.
  4. One of essential new home inspection tips is to guarantee that there is complete or full access to all areas of the home. These areas include the electrical panel from which the panel should be removed); furnace wherein its cover needs to be removed, as well; water heater; crawl space, mainly if the space is located inside a cabinet filled with stored things; attic space; and all living areas and bedrooms.  The inspector must easily access all exterior surfaces, decks, and sidings.

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