Scott, Louisiana Home Inspection

Scott, Louisiana Home Inspection

Acadiana Home Inspectors can provide your home inspection service in Scott, LA. If you are relocating from outside of Scott you can be sure that we understand the needs and concerns of people who are relocating. If you are local and are buying a new home you can feel comfortable knowing you are working with a local company. A home inspection is an important part of the buying process even if you choose to buy a for sale by owner (FSBO) home. An independent inspection by a certified inspector is recommended if you are working with a real estate agent also. With a home inspection by a certified and professional home inspector you can be sure that your interests are being protected when buying a home.

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Scott LA

Scott is the second biggest municipality in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, United States. It is a suburb of Lafayette and part of the Lafayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.

In 1902, Pete Bourque built a salon inspired by Western style that serves all men and is a good meeting place for older folks. His reason for building the salon is because “this is where the west begins”. People think that the idea came from eastern train fair rates ending and western train or West Line fare rates beginning.

The rail of Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railways cuts the town in half and the main line is used for Southern Pacific Railway. Alexander Delhomme was the first settler of Scott and owned the first hay-mowing machine, cotton gin and grit mill. The train depot was completed in 1880 and the area became a village. In 1907, the village was named after J.B. Scott who was the Division Superintendent of Southern Pacific Railroad. From village, it became a town in 1960 and from town to city in 1990.

Just April 2012, Scott was assigned by the State Legislature of Louisiana as the “Boudin Capital of the World” (boudin is a type of sausage). Broussard, Louisiana formerly held the title and Jennings, Louisiana was the “Boudin Capital of the Universe”. This title for Scott means there are more boudin purveyors per-capita in this city than any other in the state and there are more links to come for Scott.

The city of Scott, for two straight years, was awarded as the first place for the Clean City content founded by the Federation of Louisiana Garden Clubs in 2011.

Zachary Richard, who is a Cajun songwriter, poet and singer, is also a native resident of Scott.

Scott also has the Scott’s Welcome Heritage Interpretive Centers which houses tourist information, local history, Cajun gift shop and cultural events. It was originally a 100-year old Acadian home that was renovated and maintained by a Tourist Coordinator and 20 volunteers to help.

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Currently, Scott houses more than 8,000 people. The progress of the city indicates that they can truly support a great quality of living and business for people who want to have another chance to get things right. The fun loving ambiance of the city has attracted many visitors and newcomers. No doubt, Scott is a great city to live in.

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The website CityofScott.org has excellent resources.


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