Opelousas, Louisiana Home Inspection

Opelousas, Louisiana Home Inspection

Acadiana Home Inspectors can provide your home inspection service in Opelousas, LA. If you are relocating from outside of Opelousas you can be sure that we understand the needs and concerns of people who are relocating. If you are local and are buying a new home you can feel comfortable knowing you are working with a local company. A home inspection is an important part of the buying process even if you choose to buy a for sale by owner (FSBO) home. An independent inspection by a certified inspector is recommended if you are working with a real estate agent also. With a home inspection by a certified and professional home inspector you can be sure that your interests are being protected when buying a home.

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Opelousas LA

Opelousas is the parish seat of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. It lies at the union of U.S. Route 190 and Interstate 49. Opelousas is the main city in the Opelousas Eunice Metropolitan Statistical Area and the 3rd largest city in the Lafayette-Acadian Combined Statistical Area. It only has an area of 7.5 square miles but it is the most densely populated city in the state of Louisiana.

It was founded in 1720 which makes it the 3rd oldest city in the state. It served as the primary post for trading between Natchitoches and New Orleans in 18th to 19th century.

Also, Opelousas is the centermost of zydeco music. It is celebrated at the heritage and culture site of the Creole Heritage Folklife Center, where Louisiana African-American Heritage Trail and Evangeline Downs Racetrack and Casino can also be found.

Opelousas is also the “spice capital of the world” because of the high production and sales of spices such as Targil seasoning, Tony Chachere’s products, LouAna cooking oil and Savoie’s Cajun meats and products. Also this city housed one of Yoohoo’s factories before it closed.


Opelousas is derived from the Native American tribe “Appalousa” who first arrived and occupied the area before Europeans did.

It was in 1690, that the first arrival of the European was recorded and he was a French hunter. Then in 1719, the first military arrived led by Ensign Nicolas Chauvin de la Frénière were sent just to look around the area. A year after, the French had made Opelousas the major trading post for many developing areas.

Don Alejandro O’Reilley, the governor of Louisiana released a land ordinance about people living in Opelousas Territory to get land grants. Still, foreign settlers and traders came and went in the area.

In 1805, Opelousas had the seat of the Imperial Parish of Louisiana. In 1806, the beginning of the construction of the first courthouse was started. At the same year, Louisiana Memorial United Methodist Church was founded as the first Methodist and Protestant church in the city.

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Opelousas is the heart of the Catholic region of the Canadian, Spanish and French West Indian heritage. In fact, families in Louisianan adopt over 2000 Catholic children to live in farming communities with them.

Opelousas had humble beginnings however, it is one of the towns treasured by the state of Louisiana.

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