Lafayette, Louisiana Home Inspection

Lafayette, Louisiana Home Inspection

Acadiana Home Inspectors can provide your home inspection service in Lafayette, LA. If you are relocating from outside of Lafayette you can be sure that we understand the needs and concerns of people who are relocating. If you are local and are buying a new home you can feel comfortable knowing you are working with a local company. A home inspection is an important part of the buying process whether choose to work with a real estate agent or to buy a for sale by owner (FSBO) home. With a home inspection by a certified and professional home inspector you can be sure that your interests are being protected when buying a home.

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Lafayette LA

The 4th largest city in Louisiana, the principal city of Lafayette-Acadian and the parish seat of the Lafayette Parish, Louisiana – Lafayette. In 1821, Jean Mouton founded the area and named it St Jean du Vermilionville. In 1843, Alexandro Mourton became the Governor of Louisiana. In 1863, the Battle of Vermilion Bayou started between the Union Major General Nathaniel Prentice Bans and Confederate Major General Richard Taylor.

In 1823, a new legislation in Louisiana separated the St. Martin parish and then created the Lafayette Parish. Then the area was called marquis de Lafayette by Gilbert du Motier, a French military hero who greatly helped the American Amy during the American Revolution War. However, the area was still named Vermilion Ville when Lafayette was given an area in New Orleans. In 1884, New Orleans got the land and then Lafayette became the name of the area since then.

Agriculture was the primary industry in the town until the 1940s when the natural gas and petroleum industries became very dominant. The medical profession has since taken the place as the main industry.

Lafayette is the center of the Cajun culture in the state of Louisiana. It is really popular because of the Cajun culture and Creole influence in the area.

All public schools in the area are under the Lafayette Parish School System with 21 elementary schools, 12 middle schools and 7 high schools. Also the system offers 9 career academics at high school level and this is to prepare the students for their career fields.

The town is also popular because of the large number of Roman Catholics living there. This is the reason why Lafayette Parish has private schools that offer kindergarten to 12th grade for children.

Lafayette has one university which is the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It is considered the second largest university in the state with 16000 enrollees. It is the top ranking university in the South.

Lafayette is also the home of the National Guard headquarters for the 56th Infantry Brigade. It is also the home for United States Marine Corps Reserve Unit under the command of Captain Cole Clements.

Lafayette is a large city in Louisiana, and you can experience the joy of living in an urban life with this town. This city has a rich history and each heritage has a great story to tell. This is indeed a great place to visit not only for its tourists, hotspots, but also for historical purposes.

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