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provided me the information I needed

provided me the information I needed…

“The home inspection process with Keith was a great experience. I will refer him to anyone I come across that is doing a home inspection. His attention to detail, friendly demeanor and quick response to my questions after the inspection was first class. By showing the cost of potential repairs, he provided me the information I needed to make a fair and reasonable offer to the seller without having to do a bunch of research myself. The folks at the office were professional and courteous as well, great experience all the way around.”

– Dave


Certified Louisiana Home InspectorLouisiana Home InspectorsService Magic Approved Home Inspector

"I am so thankful he did his job well because I feel he saved me from buying a disaster. He saved me a lot of money too!... Jade did a good job and I would recommend him to anyone."

Thank You,
Chuck S.

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"I’m very thankful for the thorough review your inspector performed on the home we are considering purchasing. He found an issue that could have placed my son’s life in jeopardy, among other issues."

Cathleen G.
Louisiana Home Inspection Client

"Thanks so much for helping us with the Gateway property. The property inspection resulted in several “fatal flaws” and we declined to purchase the house. Keith saved us from a HUGE investment MISTAKE! He was so detailed in describing each issue as well as offering possible solutions. The experience was fantastic!!"

Robert & Margaret P.
Lafayette, LA 70503

"We would surely recommend Acadiana Home Inspectors to anyone who wants to have a home inspection done as we were very pleased by the high level of professionalism and the thoroughness displayed by Mr Blanchard."

Jean & Michele B.
Broussard, LA