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FSBO Buyer’s Home Inspection in Louisiana

FSBO Buyer’s Home Inspection in Louisiana

Just because you’re buying a for sale by owner home in Louisiana does not mean you have to skip a home inspection.

In fact, it’s very important to have the home inspected by your own inspector – one who you hire and is working directly for you. If you rely on the seller’s inspection report you must remember that the inspector worked for the seller and the seller’s inspector will not be responsible to answer to you for any issues you discover later.

Also, while it is nice if the FSBO seller has had a home inspection done you should keep in mind that an inspection is a snapshot of the condition of the home at the time the inspection was done. Things can and do change during the days, weeks or months since the seller’s inspection. You will want to know the condition of the home as close to closing as possible which requires having your own inspection done.

In “How to Buy a Home Directly from the Owner”, written by ForSaleByOwner.com it says:

Get the Home Inspected: The next step is hiring a reliable, licensed home inspector who will go through the home – from foundation to attic – to see what condition the home is in. A home inspector will cost $300-$600 and the inspection will take around two hours. You’ll get an inspection report outlining any mechanical or structural problems that the home might have.

“The inspector may or may not confirm that the house is in compliance with local building codes. If there have been recent improvements, you may want to ask the inspector to validate that the improvements were made legally and comply with the building code. If the improvements are not up to code, and you buy the house, the cost of bringing the house into code compliance is on you. Again, visit our Find a Pro page to find an inspector near you.

Depending on the results on the inspection report, you might want to re-negotiate the purchase price. For example, the inspector might tell you that the roof needs to be replaced. Negotiate with the seller to lower the price to compensate for that expense. Another option is for the seller to give you an allowance at closing for repairs and replacements.”

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FSBO Seller’s Home Inspection in Louisiana

FSBO Seller’s Home Inspection in Louisiana

When selling your home yourself, without a real estate agent, you have more to do. You may think that getting the home inspected is an item you can skip with everything else you have to do. In reality a home inspection can be your best decision when selling the home yourself.

Having your Louisiana home inspected allows you to see the home through the eyes of a third-party. This can be a great aid in preparing to sell, showing and selling your home.

A home inspection can help you to price your FSBO home realistically (which will help it sell faster).

You’ll know in advance any repairs that are needed and can have the repairs done before selling. If they are repairs you can do yourself it can save you money. Even if you need to hire a contractor for the repairs you can still save money because you have time to shop for the right contractor at the right price.

Most likely your buyers are going to have a home inspection done. The defects you find during your inspection (and get repaired) can prevent those defects from becoming stumbling blocks when you have a prospective buyer ready to buy.

Having a home inspection done prior to selling the home yourself may relieve the concerns and suspicions of buying prospects. In fact, the buyer may even choose to waive the inspection contingency.

It gives you the ability to add a professional supporting document to your disclosure statement. Provide copies of the report to potential buyers.

In an article on “Tips on what to do Before Putting a Home on the Market”, ForSaleByOwner.com says:

Schedule a Home Inspection: A professional home inspection will provide a seller with a comprehensive report on the home’s condition. Not only will the report serve as a guide to help the seller determine what repairs to make, but prospective buyers will have more confidence making an offer because the report will tell them the condition of the house.”

Elizabeth Weintraub on About.com says in an articled titled “Negotiation as a For Sale By Owner”:

“When selling as a for sale by owner, it’s prudent to obtain your own home inspection before putting the house on the market. This way you know what is wrong and can fix it or otherwise address it. Plus, you can give the buyer a copy of your home inspection, which the buyer might accept in-lieu-of hiring another inspector.”

Elizabeth Gehrmann, Special to the Boston Globe Magazine, wrote an article called “Sell It Yourself and Save”. In it she quotes Stephen Bremis of Bremis Realty speaking of why it is important to include deadlines for inspections in your FSBO contract:

“This is part of the reason, Bremis says, you should make sure your purchase and sale agreement includes deadlines – for the inspection, the mortgage application, the mortgage commitment, and so forth. This contract, he says, is “the nuts and bolts of the deal. It sets the framework for the transaction.” In addition to a general inspection, separate inspections can be done for mold, pests, lead, and radon; make sure the buyer gets any of these he wants done in a timely manner. “Otherwise he could do it a month later,” Bremis says.”

Morgan Brennan writing on Forbes.com says in his article “Cut The Middleman”:

“You might also pay for a home inspection in advance ($400 to $700). The inspection will alert you to any problems that could provide buyers with negotiating leverage or sidetrack a sale.”

MONEY Magazine’s article “How To Sell in Tough Times” says:

“…hire an inspector to identify every problem with the home, even seemingly minor issues such as dripping faucets, and fix them. “If an outlet doesn’t work, why get the buyer wondering what else is broken?” asks Beth Foley, an associate broker in Holland, Mich. Tell your realtor to give anyone who tours your home a copy of the inspection report and your list of fixes.”

Greg Healy, vice president of operations at ForSaleByOwner.com makes an important point:

“The last thing you want as a seller is to be surprised,” says Healy. Get a professional home inspection done early so you can identify problems that are almost certain to be discovered and have time to fix them. Even if you don’t fix them, you can incorporate the knowledge of any problems into your pricing, Healy adds.

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For Sale by Owner in Louisiana

For Sale by Owner in Louisiana

Did you know that 48% of home sales in Louisiana are now For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions? So whether you are selling your home yourself or buying a FSBO you are not alone.

While there is a lot of advice about FSBO transactions available online there is one common item recommended – a home inspection.

FSBO Seller’s Home Inspection

When selling your home yourself, without a real estate agent, you have to do more work. Skipping a home inspection may have crossed your mind in order to save yourself time and money. However having a home inspection done could be your best decision and save you both time and money.

A home inspector views your Louisiana home through the eyes of an independent yet experienced third-party. This can provide you insight in preparing to sell, showing and selling your home.

Asking a realistic price for your home will help it sell faster. A home inspection can help you to know the right price to ask for your home.

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FSBO Buyer’s Home Inspection

When buying a for sale by owner home in Louisiana do not skip the home inspection.

Have the home inspected by your own inspector. When you hire your own inspector he will be working directly for you. The seller’s inspector works for the seller and is not be responsible to answer to you for any issues you discover later.

An inspection reflects the condition of the home only at the time the inspection was done. It is important to know the condition of the home as close to closing as possible.

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