Carencro, Louisiana Home Inspection

Carencro, Louisiana Home Inspection

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Carencro is a small and beautiful city in Lafayette Parish in Louisiana, a suburb just outside the Lafayette city. Carencro comes from a Louisiana Creole word for buzzard. Legend says that vultures or buzzards had feasted on mastodon carcass in the place. A large flock of buzzards live in bald cypress trees which is where the name “carrion crow” was originated. The city was named St. Pierre before it was named “carrion crow”.

Early Civilizations


Carencro LA

There were two main tribes of Native Americans – the Attakapas and Opelousas in early Carencro. However, the few outsiders that came to the area mostly came from Canary Islands, British Isles, Nova Scotia, Africa and Germany.  The first settler was said to be Louis Pierre Arceneaux who was an Acadian exiled from Nova Scotia. He established himself in Carencro in 1765. It was in the 1803 records that a population of 32 Acadia families developed the area. Anglo-Americans, Spanish, French and Germans soon joined them and the population grew to 50.

It was in the late 1800s that Carencro had the largest shopping center in the area and merchants from surrounding towns came to do business. A hotel, private schools, a hook and ladder company and a town hall were established. As the18th century came to an end, the population became 445.

Historical Buildings

It was in 1874 that St. Peter’s parish was established in Carencro and named Father Andre Marie Guillot as the first pastor. The church was named St. Pierre a Carencro after Pierre Cormier who donated his land for the church. After Father Guillot died, the building was destroyed by fire and weather disasters. The current church was built in 1904 by Hector Connolly and this was the fifth building for the parish.

Mother Katharine Drexel, the foundress of the Blessed Sacrament Sisters, opened a school with three rooms for the African-American children in Carencro in 1924.  They named the school Our Lady of the Assumption School and began with 175 students and three teachers which Mother Katharine paid from her own fortune. Our Lady of the Assumption School is now under the National Register of Historic Places as of November 29, 2011 because of its big contribution to black education.

This place has a rich history, not just a city based from the vulture legends. It has been widely developed as business and industries progressed yet it is still one of the quietest places you would want to live. Carencro will give you a peaceful community beyond the urban life.

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